Mostly Entirely Sorta Semi


A Minecraft Community

MESS Vanilla SMP is a Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server with minimal quality of life additions and active community management.
(And a minor obsession with chickens.)

Started by a group of friends who have been gaming together for decades, this server is community-driven and focused on vanilla gameplay, with very limited modifications. This is the spiritual successor to Pure Vanilla (PV), taking inspiration from NotClay's years of fine-tuning to find the most fun server settings, community events, and staff involvement.

Key Features

  • 1.19 Paper Whitelist-Only Server
  • No Fast Travel - No Teleports, No Warps, No Home
  • Nether Hub with Organized Tunnels for Travel
  • Player Shops in a Shopping District
  • 20 TPS Goal - High End Hardware, Low Lag
  • Consensual PVP Only
  • Grief Protection with CoreProtect
  • Map Resets on Version Releases
  • Quarterly End Resets
  • Diamond-based Economy
  • Vote Rewards
  • Weekly Competitions
  • Community Building Projects
  • Events
  • Dynmap

Sound like the place for you?

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What is the IP?

What is the seed?

What is the world border size?

How is the server paid for?

It this server "pay to win"?

How do I join?

How long will it take to get whitelisted?

How do you stop griefing?

What mods are allowed?

With no teleporting, how do players get around the map?

Is there a minimum age?