The Basics


A base can be established by either a single player or a group of players.

A base is 750x750. Respect these boundaries in both directions. Do not build out past the build limit for your base. Do not establish a base within the build limit of another base.

Do not gather materials from inside another base area.

If you would like to build near another base but are not sure how close you are, please either reach out to your new neighbor or to Staff, and be respectful of any bases that are already in place before you establish a new one.

Use Dynmap to scout for good base locations and to make sure there aren't any builds already in the area. Mark your base center on Dynmap.

Nether Hub / Tunnels

Travel on MESS Vanilla SMP is easiest via our organized structure of nether tunnels, all branching out from the Nether Hub at spawn.

The Nether Hub is a protected area, do not break or add any blocks.

There are main tunnels out from the Nether Hub going North East South and West. These main cardinal direction tunnels are also protected areas.

To link up your base's nether portal to the correct height to match the Nether Hub connection, you will need to build it when walking at 115y height in the nether (use F3 to view your current y height). Staff are happy to help you set this up if you're not familiar with how it works.

When building your base's tunnel to connect to one of the 4 cardinal direction tunnels, please be mindful of any other base tunnels you may run into. If you'd like to connect to another base's tunnel, please contact that base to make sure they agree before digging.

At the connection of your base's tunnel to one of the main cardinal direction tunnels, please do not add blocks into the main tunnel and keep your tunnel entrance flush to the wall. Most players use boats and fly through the tunnels, so avoid anything that would cause them to crash.

Any nether blasting/bombing via beds/TNT/etc. must be done away from the hub and tunnels. You may blast at 1500 or further away from spawn, and please stay below 50y. This will make sure that you don't accidentally explode any important tunnels, and keeps an area of the nether environment intact for exploring. Any blasting done closer to the hub will be rolled back.

Shopping District

Our economy is player-driven. All currency is vanilla in-game items and materials, diamonds are the base currency.

We have a Shopping District on the server that acts as the main hub for player-to-player trading. Small trading stalls and large building plots are available for players to claim and use to sell their wares. There is no cost to have a stall or a plot.

Players that wish to sell in the Shopping District:

Players that wish to purchase items in the Shopping District:

The End

The End is open to players 1 week after server start, and is regularly reset to allow players the chance to explore and loot.

Players may fly north, but may only walk south. This allows players without Elytras the chance to reach unlooted areas.


Our server spawn location has some basic supplies to help get you going, including food, wooden tools and boats. Please do not harvest any materials on spawn island - start your adventure and travel away from spawn before chopping trees or mining.


Max Entities

Villagers are limited to a max of 30 per base.

Other entities are limited to a max of 100 per base.

Any base found to have over their maximum will be asked to reduce the number by Staff, allowing time to adjust trading halls / farms etc. If they aren't removed in a reasonable time, they will be removed randomly by Staff to reach the maximum.

No Lag Machines / Overly Large Redstone Builds

Try to keep redstone builds to a reasonable size. Use lag reducing methods such as covering hoppers, using water streams, etc.

Our Staff keep a close eye on TPS, and if they notice a dip they will determine the source and work with players to minimize lag. If you are planning a large redstone build, please reach out to Staff to make sure it will not have an overly negative impact on server performance.

Chunk loaders are not allowed.

No Hacking / Exploiting

Any and all means of x-ray (including via mods and texture packs) are prohibited and will result in a ban with no warning.

Hacked clients are prohibited and will result in a ban with no warning.

Taking advantage of bugs or glitches will result in a warning and rollback. Repeated abuse will result in a ban. Please report any bugs or glitches to a staff member.

Allowed Mods

This list includes allowed mods. This list is not exhaustive. If you have a question if a mod is allowed or not, please contact Staff.

Prohibited Mods

This list includes prohibited mods. This list is not exhaustive, and any mods found to be exploitative are also prohibited.  If you have a question if a mod is allowed or not, please contact Staff.

Anyone found to be using prohibited mods will be banned.


No Griefing / Theft

Do not modify another player's build or what appears to be an abandoned build. Adding or removing blocks from another player's build will result in a warning, followed by a ban for repeat offence.

Taking items from a stall or shop without paying is theft. A thief will be given a warning and a chance to pay for the stolen items. Repeat offences will result in a ban. If you notice any items missing from your shop without proper payment, please contact Staff.

We are not a PVP server. You may only kill another player if that player gives consent in an in-game message.

No Scamming / Selling Public Farm Items

Scamming another player out of their items is prohibited and will result in a ban.

All public farms have been built for the benefit of all players, and are not to be used to farm items for selling.

Public Farms Are For Everyone

There are a few Staff created public farms on the server. These are for the benefit of all players. Do not hog public farm time or resources, and selling public farm materials is prohibited.

Players may make a player-built farm public if they wish. Permission to use the public farm must be expressly written in Discord. Players may also choose to allow access to their farms by other specific players, but not the entire server (not public). Please respect the wishes of the builder when using any public or semi-private farms. Please contact Staff to resolve any disputes.

Do Not Impersonate Staff

All Staff are marked with a special name color both on Discord and in game. Any player found to be impersonating a Staff member will be banned.

No Inappropriate Builds

Any builds found to be overly controversial or hateful are not allowed. Players with inappropriate builds will be asked to remove the build in question. Refusal to do so will result in a ban. Staff reserve the right to determine what builds are deemed inappropriate.

Be Kind

As a community-driven server, it's important that we are all respectful of each other and focus on having fun. Any player found to be abusive, toxic, or spammy will be warned. Repeat offences will result in a ban.